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New versions 2.9

Editor / Simulator Improvements

  • A new editor component is used in the built–in state machine editor / simulator. The new editor supports folding, line numbers, syntax highlighting, correct copy/cut/paste short-cuts for the different operating systems and other nice features. Thanks to Robert Futrell for his very nice component (see section copyright in the manual for more info). The figure below gives an impression how the editor now looks like.

  • Issue fixed when simulating state machines with a history state
  • Visual representation of innerEvents in the built–in editor improved. Inner events are now clearly represented in the graphics as well as in the tree view

Other improvements

  • The isIn() methods returns a bool now instead an int in C++
  • getInnermostActiveState() is now a public method in Java

:!: This version of the code-generator uses the new rsyntaxtextarea.jar package. Copy this jar file like the other jar files in the bin folder to the correct place on your PC. If you don't know what this means please read section 'Installation' in the manual.

This new version is free for users who bought their license within the last two years.

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