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Screenshots of the Simulator using Regions

The following screenshots show the simulator simulating the microwave oven example as available in the examples folder. States marked in red are active at the moment. Transitions marked in blue can be triggered from the active states. The output window shows the executed code (i.e. the entry/do/exit code you added to the state diagram). The simulator has to be called as shown below. I assume your shell prompt is located in the microwave_ea9_using_regions_c folder. Make sure you have Graphviz installed and in codegen.cfg configuration file the correct path to the dot.exe is set (e.g. DotPath=“C:\\Program Files\\Graphviz2.22\\bin\\dot.exe” for Windows or DotPath=/usr/local/bin/dot if you are on OS X)

java -Djava.ext.dirs=../../bin/ -jar ../../bin/codegen.jar -E -p EA -t "Model:implementation:oven" -o oven  oven.xml

After startup and reset of the simulation

After some time of cooking and then opening the door (pause)

After oven has counted down to zero and waiting the cook to open the door.

A demo of the code generator is available for download. Give it a try!

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