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New versions 2.8.1 to 2.8.3

This update of the SinelaboreRT code helps Enterprise Architect and Magic Draw users to keep complex state diagrams with many transitions and/or states well-arranged.

Entry & Exit Points

So far transitions entering a sub-machine always had to end in the initial state. If this is not what you want it is possible now to use entry points to overcome this limitation. Entry points serve as glue between the sub-machine state and the internal of the sub- machine.

Exit states provide a similar function. If a transition should start from a specific state inside the sub-machine and should enter a state outside the sub-machine an exit state can be used. Again this exit state serves as glue between the inside and outside view.

The following figures shows a state diagram with the sub-machine state S2 and the internals of this sub-machine state.

Multiple Triggers per Transition

EA allows to define more than one trigger for a transition. This is useful if different triggers should trigger the same transition and have the same action code.

Multiple Transitions ending in a Choice

To simplify complex state diagrams it can be helpful to specify multiple incoming transitions into a choice state instead of duplicating the choices. The left side of the diagram shows how much simpler the right diagram can be represented now. Internally - before code generation starts - the code generator transforms your drawing back to the left representation.

:!: This version of the code-generator uses the new jdom2.jar package. Copy the jar file to the correct place on your PC. If you don't know what this means please read section 'Installation' in the manual.

This new version is free for users who bought their license within the last two years.

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